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April 8th, 2017, 7:06 pm

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Nightmare Comments

Reply WiispNightmare, April 8th, 2017, 7:21 pm

You've wandered into a minefield, Rain
You won't know it until it's too late
I will be the source of every pain
You yourself brought on this fate

A child no matter age nor size
Is more precious than diamonds or gold
But see the worth through the Rain's eyes
And a terrible tale will be told

Someone will die tonight
Someone will pay the price
Down from the sky it shall come
No other death will suffice

Before my eyes you slew my child
You thought yourself triumphant
The time away did I slowly while
I waited out ever reluctant

I wished to devastate then and there
But that was not the time
You continued on without a care
I watched you ooze, you slime

Someone will die tonight
Someone will pay the price
Up from the ground it shall come
I have you in my sights

I watch as your dastardly plan unfolded
I have seen it all entire
I watch the child you've carefully moulded
The heir to your empire

I wait and seethe and dream and plot
Your doom will soon be real
You'd think that I would soon have forgot
But no, your fate you sealed

Someone will die tonight
Someone will pay the price
From every place it shall come
From earth and seas and skies

Someone will die tonight
Who will pay the price?
Will it be you to pay
Or has someone else caught my eyes?

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Everyone Else's Comments

Reply WildfireK, April 8th, 2017, 7:46 pm


To: WiispNightmare

From: Rain

I see you see a desecration
A condemnation to unhesitation
But I will not write a dissertation
In defense of right's approbation

Why do you sacrifice my sacrifice
To right if right to you is a lie?
Ironically, my sacrifice has died,
Deep in the darkness of your eyes.

You are the first person I have seen
To weep at the end of cold's regime,
That does not seem at all to me
Metaphorically made of frost and greed.

I advise you to consider your values after this,
For a supporter of a villain is always blashpemous,
And whatever sin I may have been,
In fairy tales, light always wins,
And this fairy tale has come true,
The heroine, white and blue,
And if revenge is what you seek,
Against the light, vice is weak,
For our and your caveats
Warn against dark despots.

Would you rather the universe be hectic?
Even perfection has its skeptics,
You cannot fight right and retreat alive,
The sea is fated to seize the night.

A dragon I have simply slain,
A dragon that which had felt no pain,
Until the monster met its bane:
The light, the right, the knight named Rain.
You tell me this dragon is worth more than gold,
But no matter how pretty, a diamond is still cold,
And if it is destroyed, who pays the price?
Ah, yes. Nightmarish, malignant vice.
You seem to believe that the life of one being
Is worth more than a sight worth seeing:
A sight that is what you believe right:
The end of the fairy tale that is out of your sight.

If a child is worth more than diamond, but others:
Fathers, leaders, heroes, mothers,
Are below the thing they have produced
Then we cannot be equal, we are reduced
To the beginning of this fairy tale,
If this is the case, then the four above have failed
If this is your belief, we cannot prevail
The Rain cannot ever be seen as hail.


The Rain

Reply WiispNightmare, April 8th, 2017, 7:55 pm

@WildfireK: For the Rain
From the Mother Nightmare

You speak of all this righteousness
But to what extent shall you profess
The light and good you claim to be
For the dark is your enemy

And I of dark know of our power
Soon shall come the fated hour
Every light will eventually darken
To my words, Rain, you should hearken

No good deed goes without wrong
And though you may be sung in song
I will still wait, my child to avenge
At some time I will exact revenge

How long will you laugh at me
O Great Rain
I may at some time expire
You hide expectantly
O Great Rain
But I see past your attire

You wear your face on the inside Rain
If I am gone I'll be back again
My child meant everything- to you he meant nought
And so upon you my greif will be wrought

You hide behind your fancy word
Although I find your words absurd
One thing can satisfy my anger wild
An eye for an eye- a child for a child.

Reply WildfireK, April 8th, 2017, 8:25 pm


To: The Mother Nightmare
From: The Rain

Here it is! The great reveal,
"I am dark, evil I feel."
My face is scarred for everyone to see,
I wear my beliefs on my sleeve.
You say your anger is soaked in grief,
You say your heart is soaked in teeth,
But your teeth cannot bite the sea,
It can only bite your arteries.

You say the moon will swallow the sun,
But in eras hence, the opposite will be done,
You turn your teeth into a gun,
But the sun feasts on ammunition,

I've told you kindly to lay low,
Instead you reach up and prepare a blow,
But how to blow, only the wind knows,
And the wind has denounced you as its foe.

The Rain does not stop when the sky grows dark.
The Rain does not stop when the moon grows sharp.
The Rain does not stop when the trees fall down.
The Rain will not stop if you kill the clouds.

So take your ticket, board the train
Away to the graveyard from whence you came,
A rose you left on the stone, but all roses have thorns,
And out of a thorn, a spear is born.
So lie down in the dirt while you're still a bud,
I've given the flower-picking gardener her gloves,
She's coming to see you drenched in blood,
So watch as the Rain turns your name to mud.

The Rain

Reply WiispNightmare, April 10th, 2017, 7:27 am

@WildfireK: To the Rain
From Mother Nightmare

Your words mean nothing, this I can tell you.
However long it takes I will still fell you.
My rage smolders on and my power slowly grows
When my attack will be made is something only I know

For your information, I was once on your side
I looked on at your careful plans with something akin to pride
I almost considered you a child, a precious gem indeed
But then you murdered my other child, for which you had no need.

Your plan may have worked without their blood.
You could have asked for mine.
I would have given it, yes I would
But then was another line

The line between black and white was reversed
And so you have brought on this curse
Of a stalker, watching your every move
Two things only can my anger soothe

The blood of a child as dear as mine
A prize that you may even see as fine
Or if you're unwilling to give her life
You can give your own and end this strife

I promise I'd take good care of her
I'd keep her healthy and her heart pure
But alas I know you will not bend
So Rain, my apologies do I send

For I will not quit
I will not give up
I knew you as a kit
When you were still a pup
I watched you grow into the power you are now
Though interference was something not allowed

You hide behind walls
Though you know it not
But at some time
I may be brought
Into your world
The place I see
My wings are unfurled
Preparing me

I will come from sky and ground
And from the sea, within your town
I am a shadow, I stalk your dreams
The safe point you are at
Is not as it seems

I know the hand that made you
I know how to cause you pain
I haunt your dreams, I stalk your shade
I will be the one
to Rain on your parade

Mother Nightmare

(I have this thing going where I think I'm speaking back and forth with actual Nira in her nightmares.)
(That's probs just me tho)

Reply WildfireK, April 10th, 2017, 10:59 am

To the Mother Nightmare

From the Rain

I can see your wrath, as dark as
The blackened path, the aftermath
Of a mother's love, of a mother's hate
But black and grey I see today.

You can stand there and talk about the line I've made
And tell me all the roads I've paved
All lead on to shade, but I will not fade into grey,
And tell me what you think is truth,
And fighting claw tooth without ruth
Is what we ought to do,
Our youth

Must always be above the sky,
For the ground is a dangerous place to die,
But trains can only run their route,
Derailed and dead, they serve no use.

I'm sorry if peace will not satisfy you,
I'm sorry if my best simply slips by you,
I'm sorry if the knife you have calls my name,
But I will not be the scapegoat for your blame.

We can argue into the twilight how one of us is right,
Because we cannot stray from the path in sight,
And neither of us can really spell
The foreign jargon time will tell,

But I can see, from here I stand,
A town in peace that I have planned,
And maybe down the road of sand,
I'll see each other, hand in hand.

But this is where our paths must meet,
If that future, you defeat
Right here and now, in my town,
Then everything I stand for will fall to the ground.

And maybe you want that, but I am sure
Everyone here will close the door,
They cannot feel your hate and greif,
But they only want nothing but peace.

And so I extend my hand to find,
If you strike me down, now is the time,
But know though I can't see your stars,
If I meet your knife, It'll meet my scar.

Reply WiispNightmare, April 17th, 2017, 7:08 am

@WildfireK: To the Rain

From Mother Nightmare

Tell me why I should spare you
Go ahead, I need a laugh
I know many to whom I could compare you
Why should I withhold my wrath?

Your plans may be good
or so you say
But whether they should
Be let to stay

What of those you hold in chains?
What have you done to bring their hate?
Why do they struggle against your reins?
What have you done to bring this fate?

Maybe I'll join you.
Maybe I won't.
Is it good,
is it bad,
I do listen
Or I don't

For what are we fighting
For why do we argue
I tire of this
I do not truly despise you

But grief and fury do things to the mind
As I am quite sure you will eventually find
Don't let it rot you
Don't let it stay
Pull it out by the roots
Throw it away

I almost was just overcome, Rain
By the rage that has caused many pain
Don't let it take you too, child
It will turn you into something wild...

I will not kill tonight,
I gaze with attentive eyes
Though you don't see me here
I have you in my sights

One more time
Do try to convince me
What do you fight for so hard?
Tick tock, time
is waiting, for we
Are both letting down our guard.

Tell me, Rain.
Tell me.

Reply WildfireK, April 8th, 2017, 8:47 pm




Who won?
Who's next?


Epic slam poetry of Smackjeeves!

Reply Silver Eevee, April 9th, 2017, 4:06 pm


Reply RealBoxTheEevee, April 12th, 2017, 8:04 pm

@Silver Eevee: u soo shiinnnyyy

Reply WiispNightmare, April 19th, 2017, 5:02 pm

@WildfireK: Smackjeeves Smackdowns
Poem Style

Reply RealBoxTheEevee, April 9th, 2017, 8:57 pm


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